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2009-01-30 11:30:48 by lonelyjoe

i am noooooot dead, sweet huh? i have some more shit to throw in the audio portal, which in turn you will give shitty ratings because you don't know how to listen to music, but i'll live.

in any event, have a fun!

best days of my life

2007-10-31 13:43:52 by lonelyjoe

this college stuff is wild. hello, and welcome to an insight into lonelyjoe. you may have gotten here by clicking on my name while listening to my music or i might have reviewed something of yours (i'm sorry i haven't been doing a lot as of late, i've been busy and lazy.)

i've been staring at the insides of my eyelids and my ceiling a lot lately; too much caffeine at night keeps me up until i actually have to do something, and then i'm lazy and sleepy as hell. that and my roommate makes too much noise. he's kind of a douchebag. but anyway, i'm here at tulane university and things have been nice, for the most part. what happens that's bad is usually my fault (breaking my glasses in a mosh pit? my fault.) but i've been rolling along with things. is nice.

so pretty much: dear high schoolers, don't kill yourself in high school college is so much better.

on a more business note, if you're a flash artist, i would love to see some or all of my music in someone's flash, it would make me feel A+. i mean i have no walk smash walks in my work but i don't know, you guys are all artsy and stuff.

i love you guys. especially if you got this far.

best days of my life