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WR's Synth Jam : Chameleon WR's Synth Jam : Chameleon

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

average jam

the defining elements of herbie hancock's chameleon were absent here; where is the bassline (it just showed up at 3:14 for a little while)? the time on the synthesizer seemed off and the rhythm was a little variable. the melody was also a little wonky in parts; some rhythms and pitches were off the first time through the head. the solo was okay, nothing too great or too bad. i'm guessing the accompaniment was preprogrammed because it had that flat techno sound.

good effort, just work on time and rhythm in the song itself.

Stigmata Stigmata

Rated 3 / 5 stars


this song was kind of cool at the beginning and then it seemed to lack song and seemed to be more of a synthesizer extended solo. the time signature change either wasn't there or wasn't pronounced enough; i didn't hear it. i won't define what a time signature change means here because if i missed it that would just be insulting. the drums were washed out by the piercingly high synthesizer too much of the time, so the rhythm was missing from a lot of the song. there didn't seem to be a semblance of chord structure in the song and i feel the piece is lacking.

TheRamener responds:

The time signiture goes from 4/4 to 6/8 @ 1.24. Balance is definitely and synth tone are definitely valid issues here. This was more about me fucking around with big arpeggios than anything else, so i can totally understand the complaint about the lack of chord structure.

p4c-h4x p4c-h4x

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


i liked the variety in this song, and the glitch drums were pretty sweet. your programming skills are pretty damn good. it seemed to get a little repetitive after the first break but something new came in just as i got to that point. there isn't a melody per se that i could pick out and at times it seemed kind of like a loop pyramid (i try to avoid those, but it works out for your song.) some kind of drum fills or instrument tags or something would be sweet. but that's getting into your realm of control and just what i like to hear, which isn't based on the merit of the music at all. the ending drum beat thing was kind of a let down considering the sonic mess it could have been for a song with this kind of sound.

*Masterpeice* *Masterpeice*

Rated 2 / 5 stars

where is honesty?

one loop stacked on another loop on another loop on another does not a masterpiece make. the drums were balanced in a way that the hi-hat got annoying really fast. the song does not seem to have anywhere to go, it's just noodling around on one motif for a minute and a half. the motif itself isn't bad, there just needs to be more "rest of the song" to go with it.

the instruments sound kind of flat and mechanical, and this extended loop wasn't interesting to listen to. kick me in the dick for being a meanie but that's a review.

Goldwater Goldwater

Rated 3 / 5 stars

this isn't trance music

it's kind of like some kind of prog or generic rock. it sounded kind of cool but didn't have any endearing qualities to it. sometimes when there weren't chords being strummed, the time was a little late. i don't play any guitar so i can't help you with any kind of technique there. the soloish parts were alright but the timing was off. there may or may not have been a bass in there but i couldn't tell because the balance was kind of off between instruments.